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Mack AG

3 Mar 2019


Benefits of SuperGold Card

community services card

The SuperGold Card is a discounts/Offers and concessions card for seniors and veterans, in recognition of their contribution to New Zealand society.

Dialkiwi is a New Zealand based Taxi service it is giving offers and discounts on a super gold card to your cab ride.

Dialkiwi offers a discount to SuperGold Card members. This also includes pre-booked taxi or even using Super gold card at the time of choosing the ride by taxi, SuperGold members will get a discount of 10% on metered fare however on app request rides dialkiwi will offer coupons based on the number of trips.

You can use your Super Gold Card to travel free on off-peak public transport services in many areas in New Zealand.

When it comes to select transport Dialkiwi is the only company that cares about our senior citizens and offers an incentive. We are a New Zealand owned and operated Company. The SuperGold Card is for eligible seniors and veterans, recognizing the contribution you make to New Zealand. Our Super Gold card gives discounts and offers from a wide range of businesses. We provide government-funded free off-peak public transport concessions. It gives the best services and discounts from your local council. In 2019, the government announced a change to the Super gold Card with respect to the public transport concession.

supergold card discounts

Book a cab from Dialkiwi, and travel for free or with discounted offers by showing SuperGold card. SuperGold Card holders can find out where they can use their card, by going to the website of the Australian state or territory they will be visiting. The most up to date information will be held on the relevant Seniors Card website.

Travel with Dialkiwi and get benefits Australian people can travel to New Zealand, Auckland city by booking a cab from Dialkiwi and get so many exciting offers/discount by showing SuperGold card. In fact, New Zealand SuperGold Card holders can travel to Victoria, Australia, etc just by booking a cab from Dialkiwi.

If you didn’t receive SuperGold Card automatically then you can complete a SuperGold Card Application Form.


  • 65 years or over and legally and ordinarily resident in New Zealand
  • under 65 years and receive the Non-Qualified Spouse or Partner rate of NZ Super or Veteran's Pension
  • Under 65 years and currently, receive the Veteran's Pension.

Things you should have to apply for Super Card:

  • For New Zealand born clients, one form of government-issued documentation stating their full legal name and date of birth (e.g. birth certificate, passport, driver license, firearms license, deed poll, etc)
  • For clients born overseas, proof of their lawful residence in New Zealand (eg New Zealand passport, other country passports with residence visa, citizenship certificate, etc)
  • Two more documents supporting their identity. These could include a marriage certificate, bank statement, phone or power account, driver license, etc. Note: One of the documents requested above must be at least two years old.
super gold card Taxi discounts

Features of the card:

  • The back of the card indicates whether you have entitlement to New Zealand Superannuation (NZS), the Veteran’s Pension and/or Community Services Card.
  • The card does not contain any personal information other than your name, client and card numbers, and any of these entitlements.
  • There are two versions of the card; an “S-branded” SuperGold Card and a “V-branded” Veteran SuperGold Card.

SuperGold card is free of Cost.

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